M113-A2 Upgrade: Project Objectives

  • To increase the power of the M113
  • To replace the obsolete and unreliable Allison TX100 transmission
  • To improve performance and reliability
  • To allow for an increase in gross vehicle weight to carry armour


  • Other transmission options combine the transmission and steering into a single module and reposition the engine withing the hull, requiring significant re-engineering of the engine bay

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High Cost Solutions

  • Replace with Allison X200 transmission as fitted to M113A3, with increased power up to 400 BHP
  • Use ZF or Infini/drive type transmission with different engine power of up to 400 BHP


  • Military specialist products which makes them expensive
  • Costly modification required to install
  • Higher capital investment
  • Higher cost for spare parts

The Transtorque alternative solution

  • Uprate the standard Detroit Diesel engine
  • Replace the Allison TX100 with a new transmission
    that will fit without vehicle modification
  • Retain existing transfer case and cross drive
  • Based on a commercially available unit to minimise
    capital costs and ensure the ongoing availability of
    spare parts at competitive prices


The Transtorque engine

  • The standard Detroit Diesel 6V53N originally rated at 210 BHP @ 2800 RPM uprated to produce up to 320 BHP @ 2800 RPM
  • The naturally aspirated engine uprated using Detroit Diesel overhaul parts and TransTorque’s turbocharger mounting kit
  • Engine uprated to approved Detroit Diesel factory ratings
  • The 6V53T has approved ratings of up to 400 BHP in other applications so mechanical integrity is not compromised



The Transtorque transmission

  • Transtorque TX1000 is based on a standard Allison 2000 series commercial transmission
  • Production of the Allison TX100 was less than 100,000 in over 40 years
  • Over five million Allison 2000 series transmissions in service globally and still growing

TX-1000 unique modifications

Transtorque TX-1000 is custom engineered for M113 application.

  • Uprated torque converter
  • Uprated clutch packs
  • Bespoke rear cover and output shaft

TX-1000 features

  • Programed to provide four speeds
  • Programed to shift from 2nd gear with control lever in D (Drive) position with a 2-3-4 shift sequence
  • Similar driver operation to the Allison TX100 Closer ratios with additional gears
  • Option to reprogram shift sequence
  • Capable of up to six forward speeds
  • Rated torque capacity increases to 800ft/lbs
  • Additional gear ratios
  • Retains over 95% of the Allison 2000 series parts


Electronic controls

TCU (Transmission Control Unit)

  • The TCU is the standard Allison 2000 series electronic control module
  • Hybrid system retains the original mechanical shift control
  • Uses an internal mode switch (IMS) actuated by a Morse control cable to select ranges
  • Throttle position sensor (TPS) replaces the TV valve from the original Allison TX100 and is mounted directly to the M113 throttle linkage
  • On-board diagnostic warning lamps on drivers dashboard
  • Service bay diagnostic plug to permit connection to a laptop with Allison diagnostic software installed


Air, Cooling & Exhaust systems

Installation kit includes upgrades for the following systems



  • Existing Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine rebuilt to turbocharged configuration, with substantially increased power
  • New Transtorque TX1000 transmission with higher power and torque ratings with improved reliability. Retains the majority of the original drivetrain components
  • No structural changes required to M113-A2
  • Fits M113-A1 when used in conjunction with M113-A2 cooling package
  • Upgraded components will fit in to the existing space
  • Greatly improved cooling, air intake and exhaust systems
  • Substantially improved performance with the ability to carry additional armour
  • Highly cost effective solution when compared to any other option


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